Two-action interlock function prevents downtime caused by interlock device failure on safety fences

Shocks due to opening and closing of doors cause damage to actuators

In auto manufacturing plants, multiple robots are installed in a long production line for molding process and the production line is surrounded by safety fences to ensure safety. Several doors are usually provided on the fences, and to prevent accidents, safety switches are installed on the doors and act as an interlock device to stop the robot while the door is open. However, depending on how the safety switch is used, the actuator may be damaged if incorrectly used as a door stopper, causing shock to the actuator every time a door is opened. Furthermore, the actuator can be replaced quickly if there is only one door but if there are several doors such as in a welding process, it is sometimes difficult to determine which actuator caused the production line to stop. This sometimes caused extended downtime.

Two-action interlock funtion prevent damages