Code reader with high performance direct parts marking (DPM) reading simplifies installation of traceability systems

Traceability systems take time to implement

Part traceability is normally used for work process and inventory control, and to determine the cause of the error when a fault occurs. An auto manufacturer uses 10,000 to 20,000 parts for a single product so it takes a lot of work for inventory control and to figure out work performances. To ensure traceability and improve efficiency, direct parts marking (DPM), where a code is directly marked on parts using laser is widely used. However, laser marking on shiny surfaces such as metal parts are unclear depending on the lighting and installation conditions, and difficult to read using a code reader. To solve this problem, production lines where moved to locations where there are no light disturbance, or lightings especially for code readers were used to prevent unclear marking by making frequent adjustments. However, whatever the countermeasure, it took a long time to setup the machine.

Easy installation and easy setup using IDEC's barcode reader