Warn workers of moving cars during elevator maintenance to ensure safety

Safety requirements to use light and sound to warn workers of car movement has been implemented

During elevator maintenance, a maintenance worker works inside the pit located at the bottom of the hoistway, and other workers control the car movement outside the elevator. In such situations, the worker outside the elevator, without knowing that there is a person left in the pit, might mistakenly operates the car to run. In worst cases, the car might be descended to nearly the bottom, resulting in the collision between the worker and the car/counterweight. In order to minimize such risks, the new safety standard EN81-20 implemented in Europe in 2014 requires the following two points in car operation during maintenance: 1) Audible signal at the car and flashing light signals under the car to be activated during car movement, 2) Sound level to be minimum 55dB at 1 meter below the car. As the new safety requirements will likely be implemented in Japan in the future, system designers of elevator must be studying how to meet the new requirements.

Ensure safety during car movement easily