If the cause of the failure is known in advance, repairs can be fixed in a single visit

Not knowing a situation until visiting the actual site is a loss

Elevator and escalator maintenance personnel often need to rush to repair breakdowns at the customer's site. In such cases, conventional maintenance is inherently flawed as it is necessary to first visit the site to check the situation before being able to carrying out repairs when there is a failure. When a failure occurs, sometimes it is necessary to replace parts. However, maintenance personnel do not necessarily have the appropriate replacement parts on hand. For that reason, maintenance personnel usually investigate the cause at the actual site and return back to their company after determining the most appropriate countermeasure. They then prepare the necessary parts and tools before heading back to the site a second time to carry out the work. Not only was this extra travel a burden for the maintenance personnel, but it also lead to customer dissatisfaction due to extended downtime.

PLC remote monitoring allows advanced preparation