Food Machines

Food Machines

Solutions for weighing machines – switches that can endure hot water and high-pressure washing

A separate controller was necessary for hot water and high pressure washing

To ensure good hygiene, computerized scales used in food processing production lines need to be thoroughly washed with hot water and detergent when there is a change in the material being weighed or at the end of daily production. Therefore, selection of appropriate switches for the device body was quite challenging.
While normal washing can be handled with conventional waterproof switches, it could not withstand hot water and high-pressure washing. Conventional switches could not be directly installed on the computerized scale body, and a remote controller had to be used for the power switch that was attached to the equipment via a cable.
However, as this method is costly and labor intensive, users have been requesting a better design.

Waterproof switches with a robust structure can be directly installed on equipment