Material Handling

Material Handling

Reduce total process time and cost for manufacturing switch boxes for automated storage

Component cost reduced; labor cost remaining a significant burden

When designing a new automated storage system or making a major specification change, there are times where switch boxes suitable for the new system need to be installed. In some cases the designer of automated storage system, hoping to reduce cost, purchased units such as emergency stop switches, lamps, buzzers, and operation panel boxes by himself, and connected wires and assembled them. However, these switch boxes often need to be installed on multiple locations. It is not that only one box is made and the job is completed, which added more work for the designer. In some cases, specifications of switch boxes are varied depending on installation locations, which adds even more work. When you make your own switch box, component cost can certainly be reduced, however, labor cost is incurred due to additional labor for multiple wiring and assembly work. This was the issue the designer faced when reviewing the total cost.

Utilizing expertise to reduce wiring and labor