Material Handling

Material Handling

Detect human access into the protective fence and prevent accidents around the automatic palletizing robot

Risk of massive loss at cement factories

In a cement factory where cement is packaged and shipped, cement bags are transferred on a belt conveyor and brought on pallets, and moved out of the factory using a folklift. Palletizing robot, a kind of arm robots capable of lifting heavy objects, is used to load cement bags on pallets. Collisions between palletizing robots and humans must be prevented, and so belt conveyors, palletizing robots, and pallets are usually surrounded by protective fences in cement factories. However, no protective fences are installed in the area where the forklift operates because pallets with cement bags must be taken out and then empty pallets must be taken back into the area.

This allows humans to access the area easily, and if they enter inside the movement range of palletizing robot, human injury might occur, which could possibly result in factory closedown, a massive loss jeopardizing the business. It is of the utmost priority, therefore, to secure the safety in this situation.

Achieve safety without compromising production efficiency