Material Handling

Material Handling

Build a highly functional factory with efficient screen update on AGV

Time and labor for updating screens

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are used to deliver various parts automatically in factories. As a demand for smaller AGVs continues to be strong to effectively use limited space inside factories, we see more cases where small operator interfaces are installed on display and operation terminals. With AGVs where small operator interfaces are installed, however, it takes a tremendous amount of time every time when screens need to be updated due to troubles such as failures of operator interface or changes in production line layouts. One of the reasons for it is that small operator interfaces do not have a function to update screens using networks, which is most likely installed as standard to large scale display devices.

When a request come from a factory for layout (system) change, the operator at AGV manufacturer needs to develop new screens and goes to the factory and makes changes to the screens by physically connecting the personal computer with operator interfaces. This procedure is possible if the factory is located nearby, however, if the user is a global corporation and its factories are everywhere in the world, it is not easy for AGV manufacturer to visit each factory for maintenance.

Compact operator interface with communication capability for easy screen update