Material Handling

Material Handling

Prevent collisions between operator and stacker cranes with light and alarm sound

Risk of accidents during maintenance and regular check cannot be eliminated completely

Stacker cranes installed in auto storage facilities are surrounded by protective fence because they can cause serious accidents when colliding with workers, but when maintenance work or periodical check is required, workers enter into the fence and therefore the area must be provided with sufficient safety measures. Especially in large-sized auto storages, with the need to resume storage operation as quick as possible, two or more maintenance workers are sometimes required to do their work at the same time.

For example, one worker does maintenance work around the entrance of the protective fence while the other works right under the stacker crane. In such case, since they work away from each other, there is a risk of accidents caused by the stacker crane misoperation. The risk of accidents caused by mistakes during maintenance or inspection becomes even higher in poor visibility, such as in late afternoons when the sun is setting.

A simple measure to warn operators of stacker crane moving up/down