Material Handling

Material Handling

Overhead hoist transfer systems with light and sound alerts eliminate the risk of injury or death when unloading

If workers are hit by heavy falling objects during unloading, the consequences can be disastrous

In recent years, overhead hoist transfer (OHT) systems are being introduced to semiconductor manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses. These systems enable efficient automatic transfer of objects by installing a monorail along the unused space around the ceiling. Unlike automated guided vehicles traveling across the floor, it seems that such a system would be extremely safe due to no risk of people getting hit. However, when transported goods pass over the heads of people, there is a risk of human injury or death. It is extremely dangerous if a person is located below an object while it is being unloaded. When a heavy object hits a person's head, it is likely to result in personal injury or death and complete shutdown of production. Conventionally, overhead hoist transfer system manufacturers needed a significant amount of time to properly design the equipment in order to ensure the safety of workers and to meet the requirements of end users.
It goes without saying that overhead hoist transfer system manufacturers would be happy to find a way to please customers by increasing product safety in a more convenient manner.

Simple visual and audible warnings to eliminate the risk of injury or death