SX5E Ethernet Switch with rugged design. Suitable for a range of applications

IDEC announces the release of the SX5E Ethernet Switch, an unmanaged Ethernet switch equipped with various features.

Advances in IoT and Industry 4.0 have increased importance of network on the manufacturing floor, however, causing extensive damage if a system breaks down. Communication equipment in manufacturing is often used in an extremely harsh environment thus requiring high performance and rugged Ethernet switches that will operate as a hub to connect with various interfaces and PLCs. To satisfy the needs of these customers, IDEC’s new unmanaged SX5E Ethernet switches with a high environmental resistance are the ideal solution. 

• Rugged metal housing
• Operating temperature: –40 to +75°C
• IP30 protection
• Wide operating voltage range: 9-60V DC, 18-30V AC
• Redundant power supply possible (dual line connection
• Broadcast storm protection
• High-speed Ethernet standard: :Max. 10/100Mbps×5 ports

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