Enabling Switches

The 3-position safety switches to protect the operator during machine operation.

The 3-position safety switch to protect the operator during machine operation.

IDEC is the leading producer on the market for 3-position safety switches. Its products meet the highest requirements in terms of performance and safety. APEM’s offer now contains all the essential solutions required when precious seconds need to be won due to imminent danger.



1. Dealing with every type of behaviour


Also known as “operator presence” or “3-position safety” switches, enabling switches allow the operator to work safely on a machine without disabling operation. The use of an enabling switch stops the device in the event of a catastrophic failure or unforeseen problem.

In hazardous situations, every second counts and whichever way the worker reacts, the enabling switch gives the fastest stop signal, compared to the use of regular Emergency stops.



2. For critical situations


IDEC Enabling switches          

0ur products are recommended for cobotics (collaborative robots), robotics, the building trade, industry, remote controlled apparatus, hoisting equipment, etc. in adjustment, apprenticeship, transition-process, breakdown and repair situations.


Generally speaking, 3-position safety switches are more especially recommended for critical situations where the user’s full attention is vital for the task he is carrying out.


IDEC teams have contributed to developing international safety standards, especially for the IEC 60947-5-8(2008) norm, and, benefitting from all firm’s experience in the field, the HE*B, HE2G, and HE1G-L series are perfectly compatible with the highest safety and performance requirements.





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IDEC’s Enabling switches come in different shapes and sizes to suit all your application.



3. A product adapted to human behaviour


IDEC safety solutions have been designed for adapting themselves to the different types of reaction a user may have in the face of danger and emergencies. If some users let go of their control grips, others tend to clench them tightly. This is why operator presence switches have been developed with three possible positions:


Position 1: no contact, the machine doesn’t run


Position 2: light pressure maintained by the user, the machine runs.


Position 3: heavy pressure, a “stop” signal is sent and the machine stops running. To start again, and for safety reasons, the button must be totally released (position 2 is not accessible from position 3).