New compact 4.3-inch HG1G operator interface

IDEC is proud to announce the release of the compact 4.3-inch HG1G operator interface. HG1G was developed in pursuit of the ultimate user-friendliness, superior visibility, high-speed startup at 1.5 seconds, and multiple interface capabilities in a wide range of operating temperatures.

In its compact size, HG1G has the resolution and basic capabilities of a mid-size display, satisfying the needs for smaller control panels. Furthermore, with its enhanced network functions, HG1G can help support IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 in various machine systems such as food, packaging, and filling equipment.

HG1G is equipped with a high resolution (480 x 272 dots), highly bright (800cd/㎡) LCD with 65,536 colors. For its compact 4.3-inch display, it is extremely visible and easy to operate.

1.5 second startup, the fastest in class, ensures stress-free startup. Equipped with an auto-run function where the menu screen is started by inserting a USB flash drive, maintenance is easy and quick.

HG1G supports the most external interface capabilities in class, such as Ethernet, USB Type-A / Type-mini B, RS-232C / RS-422 (485), the FTP server function, and the Web Server Function. Data build-up, analysis, update, sharing can be done easily anywhere, creating a “stable, safe environment” where daily on-site status and emergency situations can be managed. Additionally, email function will be added soon.

HG1G can be used in wide range of operating temperature from -20 to 55℃. Complied with IP66F/IP67F, HG1G withstands powerful water jets or temporary submersion in water. With 70,000 hours of backlight life, HG1G can be used for a long period of time.