New HW1Z illuminated buzzers for 22mm HW series. Functions of pilot light and buzzer in one unit.

IDEC announces the release of illuminated buzzers for HW series. The new HW1Z illuminated buzzer complies with the new European elevator safety standard EN81-20/50 effective in September 2017.

By combining the functions of pilot light and buzzer in one unit, the HW1Z reduces installation space, maintenance, and wiring. Also, its waterproof function allows the HW1Z to be used in semi-outdoor applications such as elevators exposed to rain and dust.

Product Features
  1. Fuctions of pilot light and buzzer intergrated in one unit
  2. Waterproof construction. Can be used in semi-outdoor applications.
  3. Easy wiring with push-in terminals.
  4. Short, 19.7 mm depth behind panel.

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