LF1D/LF2D LED Illumination Units

Water, dust, oil-proof LED illumination units in slim and compact housings. A variety of sizes and light distribution angles for various sizes and types of machine.


Optimal lighting solution for machine tools

  • Brighty lights objects and machine tool tips, making visual checks easy
Conventional LED lighting has issues such as distracting LED grains, multi-shadows, and reflections of the light source on metal objects or hairline texture.
LF1D/LF2D's uniform light emitting face has less LED grains and reduces light source reflection/multishadows.
Reduced multi-shadow

Reduced multi-shadow makes visual inspection easy.

  • Illuminates objects and periphery brightly. Easy maintenance.
Illuminates objects and periphery brightly

Provides wide-angle, high-illuminance lighting.
Brightness required by standards is achieved.
Target objects such as the tip of machine tools and its periphery are lit brighter, making it easier to check.

  • Compliant with safety standard of machine tools
Requiement for machine tools (stationary grinding machines)

  • Excellent resistance against harsh environments. Suitable for use in machine tools.
Maximum operating temperature

IP67F* degree of protection is achieved with an oil-proof gasket and IDEC's unique design.

Can be used in environments subject to water and dust.

* Reinforced glass model (LF1D/LF2D-EN: IP67G)

  • Easy maintenance
High-quality connection is achieved with a removable direct plug-in terminal block and spring clamp connections, allowing the user to detach the cable from housing.
Installation and replacement are made easier.

Easy maintenance

  • A wide range of models to suit your application
LF1D-EN / LF2D-EN (Uniform light source  /Slim model) LF1D-FH / LF2D-FH (Wide model)

For small to middle size machines

LF1D-EN / LF2D-EN (Uniform light source / Slim model)
350 to 389×50 to 80mm
To light machine tool tips and objects with high luminance.
Reduced reflection of light source
Standard / Diffused light distibution models available

LF1D-FH / LF2D-FH (Wide model)
・270 to 308×75 to 105mm
To light inside the machine brightly and widely.
Brightly lights target objects and periphery

LF1D-C (Mini model)

For miniature machines

LF1D-C (Mini model)
100×50×25mm compact size
Brightly lights machine tool tips and inside small machines
Wide 120° light distribution

LF1D-H / LF1D-J (Long model)

For large machines

LF1D-H / LF1D-J (Long model)
365mm- / 510mm- long models available
Optimal choice to replace fluorescent lighting of the entire area inside large machines.
Wide 120° light distribution