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Safety Products

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HS5D Interlock Switches

Head removal detection for safer performance.


  • Head removal detection function turns OFF the main circuit (11-12) when the head of the HS5D is removed.
  • The HS5D is the same size as 2 contact interlock switches (HS5B). 3 contact with dual enabling contacts and a monitor contact are available. Can be installed in narrow spaces. (30W × 30D × 91H mm)
  • The actuator is interchangeable with HS5B and HS5E.
  • Double insulation structure eliminates the need for grounding.
  • The head orientation can be rotated, allowing 8 different actuator entries.
  • Degree of protection (contacts): IP67 (IEC60529)
  • NC contacts with direct opening action (IEC/EN60947-5-1)
  • Proprietary actuators prevent invalidation of the contacts (ISO14119, EN1088).
  • M3 terminal screws for easy wiring.
  • Gold-plated contacts suitable for small loads.
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