LB Series Lever Switches

Depth of only 27.9mm behind panel. Removable contact blocks ideal for single board mounting.


  • Lever Switches

Degree of protection: IP67
Up/down operation.
2- and 3-positions available.
For 3-position switches, maintained and return two-way actions available.

  • Spave-saving installation

Panel depth of only 27.9mm.
Removable contact blocks ideal for single board mounting.
Protection degree: IP65 (IEC 60529)

Reduces the size of machines and control panels.

  • Removable Contact Block / Single Board Mounting

Removable Contact Block
Removable contacts enable easy wiring.

Single Board Mounting

Single board mounting reduces installation time and prevents incorrect wiring. New UP series has the same depth as LB/LBW series. Mounts on the same panel. (Flush bezel: 34.9mm, standard bezel: 27.9mm) 

  • Waterproof

Protection degree: IP65 (IEC60529)

  • Gold-clad, cross-bar contact, or high-capacity silver contacts.
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