Pilot Lights / Buzzers

Pilot Lights / Buzzers

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Flush Silhouette Switches CW Series Pilot Lights

Sleek and stylish switches and pilot lights with a 2.5mm-thick bezel. Push-in and screw wiring available.


Flush Silhouette Switches CW Series

  • Sleek and stylish switches and pilot lights with a 2.5mm-thick bezel

The CW series gives a sleek, stylish image to your machines or control panels. The surface is safer with less chance of unexpected operation or accidents by hitting the projections, and also is cleaner with less dust build-up.

  • New double contact blocks with four-contact configurations.
  • Short body
    Double: 59.9mm (maintained: 64.6mm) Single: 39.9mm (maintained: 44.6mm)

Switching capacity is 120V AC, 10A (resistive load). The compact style requires less depth behind the panel. Can be used with IDEC's FB and other 22mm control boxes. No transformer needed for any voltage.

  • Third-generation safety construction

IDEC’s original two-action push-turn locking lever provides a higher level of safety by preventing unexpected release of the locking lever. Whether the contact block is installed securely can be checked easily from the back of the panel, with the position of the locking lever.

Prevents locking lever from unexpected release or damage by trapped wires.

Finger-safe, IP20 terminal prevents electrical shock.

  • ø22.3mm mounting hole compliant with IEC 60947-5-1
  • 3.5-mm operator travel for pushbuttons ensures comfortable and reliable operation.