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HS1T Interlock Switches with Solenoid

Ideal for use on large doors and large equipment requiring strong locking force


  • Locking force of more than 5000N (40mm-wide slim model)

Smallest size in the industry (*1)
Greatly downsized from IDEC’s HS1L interlock switches.
*1) Based on IDEC research (as of March, 2019)

  • The head can be rotated to allow the actuator entry direction to be changed easily

・Head rotating structure. Can be roated without removing the head.
・Prevents invalid operation. (On usual interlock switches, the NC contact closes when the head is removed)

  • Lock status can be identified from the front  Rear unlock mechanical indicator (First in the industry)

Mechanical indicator function allows the lock status to be easily identified from the front while the rear unlock mechanical indicator is pressed.
Note: Interlock switches with rear unlock mechanical indicator function only.

    • Energy efficient 200mA solenoid consumption

    Because the solenoid current for locking operation is 200mA, the solenoid can be activated without using a relay.

    • Mechanical durability improved to 2,000,000 operations

    • Spring clamp terminals

    Spring clamp terminals offer excellent vibration resistance, preventing wires from loosening. No need for additional tightening.

    • Side-conduit model

    Cables can be connected to the right, left, or bottom (for straight cable orientation) of the terminal cover. Long marking tubes can be used on the wiring cables.

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