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HS5E Interlock Switches with Solenoid

Small safety switch with four poles and solenoid. Ideal for applications in tight spaces.


  • Compact body. 35 × 40 × 146mm.
  • Rear unlocking button for emergency escape available. Also available is the rear unlocking button kit.
  • A variety of circuits—dual safety circuit and four-circuit independent outputs available.
  • Gold-plated contacts.
  • Spring lock and solenoid lock are available.
  • The head orientation can be rotated, allowing 8 different actuator entries.
  • A metal entry slot ensures high durability.
  • An actuator with rubber bushings alleviates the impact of actuator entry into the slot.
  • The actuator retention force is 1400N minimum (GS-ET-19).
  • Integral cable design minimizes wiring, preventing wiring mistakes.
  • LED indicator indicates the solenoid status.
  • Double insulation structure.
  • Spring Lock
    ● Automatically locks the actuator without power applied to the solenoid.
    ● After the machine stops, unlocking is completed by the solenoid, providing high safety features.
    ● Manual unlocking is possible in the event of power failure or maintenance.
  • Solenoid Lock
    ● The actuator is locked when energized.
    ● The actuator is unlocked when de-energized.
    ● Flexible locking function can be achieved for an application where locking is not required and sudden stopping of machine must be prevented.
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