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HS5E-K Interlock Switches with Key

New interlock switches that can be locked and unlocked with a key.


  • Head removal detection circuitry.
  • High-security pin tumbler key is used. Sixteen types of key numbers are available.
  • Available with rear unlocking button for emergency escape.
  • Accessory available for aluminum frame mounting.
  • Gold-plated contacts.
  • The locking strength is 1400N minimum. (GS-ET-19)
  • The head orientation can be rotated, allowing 8 different actuator entries.
  • Metal actuator entry slot ensures high durability.
  • Actuator with rubber bushings alleviates the impact of the actuator entry slot.
  • Environmentally-friendly. RoHs directive compliant.
  • Double insulation structure. No need for grounding.
  • Compact body: 35 × 40 × 146mm
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