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HS1E Interlock Switches with Solenoid

Discontinued November 2012.


  • Basic unit and solenoid unit in one housing
  • Lightweight plastic housing
  • All terminal screws are M3.5, allowing easy wiring.
  • Two main circuits 1NC+1NC and a monitor circuit 1NC realizes duplicated main circuit and lock monitor.
  • Hostage control can be achieved using the hostage key.
  • Guard door can be locked automatically by installing the actuator on the guard and interlock switch on the machine.
  • Equipped with two actuator entry slots.
  • Double insulation structure
  • 30 different numbers are available for key, so that neighboring switches cannot be operated by the same key. Actuator Retention Force 3000N
  • Ideal locking mechanism and robust actuators for large doors.
  • Accommodation of actuator entry slots to rattling doors is enhanced.
  • Spring Lock
    ● Automatically locks the actuator without power applied to the solenoid.
    ● After the machine stops, unlocking is completed by the solenoid, providing high safety features.
    ● Manual unlocking is possible in the event of power failure or maintenance.
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