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Safety Products

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HS1P Interlock Plug Unit

Interlock plugs for controlling the safety in production areas.


  • Ideal as a portable key for bringing into the hazardous area, or for detecting open/closed door status by chaining with a guarded door (chain must be provided by the user).
  • Removing the interlock plug maintains the interrupted status of load circuit and control circuit.
  • Bayonet-style plug removal/installation ensures stability.
  • Prevents intentional short-circuit with a wire on metal chip. (Double-break internal contacts achieve high safety.)
  • Solenoid type and non-solenoid type available.
  • Solenoid type has a lock mechanism. Lock mechanism prevents removal of interlock plug during machine operation, and allows for removal after the machine has stopped, with solenoid energization signal.
  • Manual unlocking is possible in the event of power failure or maintenance using a special tool (solenoid type only).
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing.
  • UL listed, c-UL listed.
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