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HE2B Enabling Switches

Multi-contact 3-position enabling switches Ideal for installing in large teach pendants.


  • Ergonomically-designed OFF-ON-OFF operation.
  • Easy recognition of position 1 to 2 transition is made possible by a snap action switch.
  • Sufficient difference in operating force is provided for shifting from position 2 to 3.
  • Low pressure is required to maintain position 2, allowing for longtime operation.
  • Reliable operation is assured even when the edge of the operator button is pressed.
  • The switch does not turn ON while being released from position 3 (OFF) to position 1 (OFF) (IEC60204-1,
  • Some teach pendants are equipped with two 3-position enabling switches, and when one switch is ressed to position 3 (OFF), the other switch must not enable machine operation even when pressed to posi tion 2. Enabling of machine operation must resume after both switches are released. For this purpose, also available are 3-position enabling switches with monitoring switches for button returned to position 1 and button pressed to position 3 (monitor switches have direct opening action mechanism).
  • Two contacts are provided in a 3-position enabling switch so that even if one contact fails due to welding or short-circuit, the other contact can disable machine operation.
  • The waterproof rubber boot provides IP65 protection.
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