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HE3B Enabling Switches

Rectangular operator part with φ16 mm mounting for easy installation. 2-contact 3-position enabling switches ideal for installing in small teach pendants.


  • Ergonomically-designed OFF-ON-OFF operation.
  • Easy recognition of position 1 to 2 transition is made possible by a snap action switch.
  • Sufficient difference in operating force is provided for shifting from position 2 to position 3.
  • Low pressure is required to maintain in position 2 allowing for longtime operation.
  • Reliable operation is assured even when the edge of the operator button is pressed.
  • The switch does not turn ON while being released from position 3 (OFF) to position 1 (OFF) (IEC60204-1,
  • Two contacts are provided in a 3-position enabling switch so that even one contact fails due to welding or short-circuit, the other contact can disable machine operation.
  • The waterproof rubber boot provides IP65 protection.
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