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HE1G-L Grip Switches

The distinctive tactile feedback makes it easy to know the current position of the switch. Light operating force ideal for long-hour operation.


  • Ergonomically-designed OFF-ON-OFF operation.
  • The switch does not turn ON when being released from position 3 (OFF when pressed) to position 1 (OFF when released) (IEC 60204-1,
  • Two contacts areprovided so that even if one contac fails due to welding or short-circuit, the other contact can disable machine operation.
  • Monitor switch is direct opening action.
  • The distinctive tactile feedback when shifting to position 2 (enabling position) makes it easier to know where the enabling switch is currently positioned—position 1 (OFF), 2 (ON), or 3 (OFF).
  • Lighter operating force on position 2 assures more comfortable, stress-free operation when operating long hours.
  • Emergency stop switch and momentary pushbutton versions are available.
  • Screw terminal and internal connector models can be selected.
  • IP66 degree of protection (HE1G-L21SM)
  • HE2B enabling switch is installed.
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