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Safety Products

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HE2G Grip Switches

Compact, light-weight grip style enabling switch provides a comfortable hold.


  • An HE2B enabling switch, compliant with IEC/EN60947-5-8, is installed.
  • Equipped with different switches for various use. • Choice of wire-saving internal connectors or solder terminal connectors.
  • The curved grip and small-size makes operation comfortable. The light-weight (approx. 140g, HE2G-21SH) and compact size is suitable for operators with small hands and for use in tight working environments.
  • The operating force required to shift from position 1 (contact OFF) to position 2 (contact ON) is reduced by 50% compared with IDEC’s HE1G grip style enabling switch. Less operating force ensures worry-free operation.
  • Tactile clicking feedback allows easy recognition of switch operation when shifting from position 1 (contact OFF) to position 2 (contact ON).
  • Dual enabling contacts with a separate actuator for each contact is IDEC’s original design. This ensures a higher safety level. Disparity detection of category 4 (ISO 13849-1) can be achieved by using this switch with a safety relay module or a safety controller.
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