Circuit Protectors

Circuit Protectors

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NRP Circuit Protectors

Higher economic efficiency than a fuse.


  • SIL subminiature circuit protectors adopting IC terminal arrangements, and mountable directly on PC boards.
  • Simple construction and high performance applying a positive load reversing mechanism by IDEC's original design.
  • Unlike fuses, the thermal trip mode (bimetal) eliminates erroneous interruption due to inrush currents.
  • Rated current can be selected to meet the load. Circuits with high inrush currents can be protected against overloads (unlike fuses).
  • Reusable 200 operations (tripping at 200% the rated current) with higher economic efficiency, and less maintenance than fuses.
  • Available in slim and flat styles. Slims (can be mounted on PC boards by using pick and place machines).
  • Available in non-sealed and sealed types. With the sealed type, cleaning after soldering is possible.
  • With a manual OFF mechanism, convenient for circuit checkups.