SmartAxis Series FT1A Controllers

Powerful PLC with embedded I/O. Touch, Pro, and Lite models for flexible use in almost all applications.

  • Drag & drop action of function block diagram (FBD) makes programming easy.
  • Addition of scripts to WindLDR makes it easy to manage multiple processing (55 scripts total).
  • Digital/analog-compatible input available for 24V DC. Convenient for systems requiring minimal analog inputs.
  • 10A output relays connect directly to small motors and solenoid valves.
  • Supports communication via RS232C, RS485, and Ethernet.
  • USB programming port.
  • User’s program can be changed with the memory cartridge (Pro/Lite) or USB memory (Touch).
  • Certified for marine use (except transistor output type).
Controls for various applications
  • By integrating the control function (same functionality as Lite 12-I/O type) with a small display, a connected device is not needed. Wire and space-saving features offer the ideal solution for cost- and time-savings.
  • Touch is an advanced small display with integrated control function.
  • Digital/analog-compatible input available for 24V DC. Convenient for systems requiring minimal analog inputs.
  • The transistor output models are suitable for applications where the durability of relay contacts is a concern.
  • Connection to analog devices is possible with the transistor output model with two analog inputs (0-10V/4-20mA)and two analog outputs (0-10V/4-20mA), reducing installation space and costs.
  • Installing analog cartridges on the transistor output model achieves a maximum of AI/AO: 2/6, 4/4, and 6/2 system configuration (when using two analog expansion cartridges). Adding the temperature input type cartridge enables simple PID control.
  • PID control can be programmed easily and intuitively with the enhanced, proprietary dialog in WindLDR. PID monitor function greatly reduces the engineering time necessary for program debugging and system setup.
  • Ethernet remote I/O master is available.
  • 400cd/m2 high-contrast and 65,536 color high-resolution TFT LCD provides unparalleled visibility.
  • Adjustable LED brightness function.
  • Monochrome STN models are equipped with a 740 cd/m2 brightness LCD and backlit with a choice of 3 colors (pink, red, white), providing practically the same brightness as the color LCD models.
  • Program both the Pro and Lite models using WindLDR and the Touch model using WindO/I-NV3. Our intuitive programming software that is easy even for the first-time users.
Controls for various applications
  • Parameters such as counters and timers can be adjusted using the LCD and six operations buttons (also available on Touch).
  • Monitor screens on LCD show system status and settings. “I/O status monitor” screen for monitoring I/O status
    “Device monitor” screen for monitoring SmartAXIS device values
    “Ladder Monitor” screen for monitoring the operating ladder program
    “Status monitor” screen: also useful for confirming protection status and scan time
    The states of four operation buttons can be used as digital inputs in the user programs.
  • Supports positioning control with a single-phase (100kHz)/4 point or a single-phase (100kHz)/two-phase (50 kHz)/2 point high-speed counter input and 100 kHz/2 point pulse output. The new ARAMP instruction and enables you to program complex positioning systems easily.
  • Integrated data logging function using an SD memory card. Logged data is useful for system maintenance management. (Touch: available using USB memory)
  • Lite (No LCD) is available, offering more options for product selection.
  • A maximum of 144 I/Os can be added using the remote I/O function with Ethernet. (Input: 90 I/O max., Output: 54 I/O max.)