FC5A/FC4A MicroSmart Micro Programmable Controllers

High-performance quality programmable logic controller with world-class processing speed. Compact body packed with outstanding features. New slim type CPU module available with web server function, ideal for remote control. (FC5A-D12*1E)


  • FC5A slim type modules available with web server function, send email function, n:n communication by Modbus communication, PING function. Supports user web page. (FC5A-D12*1E)
  • Equipped with a USB port (mini-B) and Ethernet port for easy maintenance, remote control and monitoring. (FC5A-D12*1E)
  • World-class processing speed.
    Logic Engine performance:
    - Basic instruction LOD 0.056 μs
    - Advanced instruction MOV 0.167 μs (FC5A slim type only)
  • Equipped with Modbus ASCII/RTU master/slave function (FC5A).
  • FC5A slim type expandable up to 512 I/O points (when expansion interface modules are used).
  • Full line up of analog modules including 4-point analog output module.
  • FC5A PID module with high accuracy and high functionality available.