Automation Organizer

New user-friendly interface for less work in system onfiguration, programming, debugging, and system start-up.

  • Automation Organizer is the IDEC automation software suite that combines the intuitive WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2 software with the new system layout and configuration tool, WindCFG, into one package. The combined software will give users a powerful tool to design, debug and document their control systems.
  • WindLDR
    Our most intuitive ladder programming software designed to program all IDEC PLCs.
  • WindO/I-NV2
    Programming software for all IDEC OI Touchscreen from the 4.6” HG1F to 12.1” HG4F.
  • WindO/I-NV3
    WindO/I-NV3 Programming software for FT1A SmartAXIS