OI Touchscreen Programming Software WindO/I-NV2

Useful functions allow you to create and test programs easily and quickly.

  • WindO/I-NV2 software is the simplest programming tool for all IDEC OI Touchscreens (4.6" HG1F, 5.7" HG2G, 10.4" HG3F and 12.1" HG4G Series). It is used to create projects or programs that can display information from a PLC, process status, or can be used to input data with virtual switches or keypads to make changes to a process. The objects are extremely easy to configure with the help of step-by-step navigation. It lets you quickly create colorful graphical screens in no time using drop-down menus and intuitive drag and drop functionality for the objects. A workspace is available to help you organize and manage projects, objects and screens.