Explosion-Proof Products

Explosion-Proof Products

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EC2B Flameproof and Increased Safety Control Boxes

Ideal for use in factories. Complies with ATEX directive (European explosion-proof directive).


  • Explosion Protection: II2G Ex de ⅡC T6
  • ATEX directive compliant control boxes ideal for use in Europe and south-east Asia.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure.
  • Applicable in areas where explosive gases exist including hydrogen and acetylene.
  • Pushbuttons and selector switches with up to 3 contact blocks can be installed. Various circuits can be constructed.
  • Selector switches available with overlapping contacts suitable for various applications.
  • Control units can be purchased separately.
  • Exposed and finger-safe (IP20) screw terminals available for control units.