SISTEMA library

SISTEMA is free software for designers and engineers of Safety Related Parts of a Control System (SRP/CS) on machines, to assist in performing a safety assessment of SRP/CS to conform to ISO 13849-1 “Safety of machinery – Safety related parts of control systems -- Part 1: General principles for design.” This software enables you to perform various assessment methods on the SRP/CS, whose structure of safety-related components was modeled based on designated architectures.
Specifically, it automatically calculates the reliability values of safety-related components composing the modeled SRP/CS, in order to perform an assessment of performance level (PL) and to check the validity of SRP/CS.

SISTEMA Software Download

The SISTEMA calculation software has been developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA: Institut für Arbeitsschutz) of the German Social Accident Insurance in Germany (DGUV: Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung).

IDEC Products SISTEMA Library

IDEC will continually add data for Performance Level calculations in parameter list (PDF) or SISTEMA library.

IDEC Products Parameter List

IDEC Products SISTEMA Library


  • ・IDEC SISTEMA library data is compliant with SISTEMA Ver. 2.*.*.
  •   SISTEMA Ver. 1.1.9 is also available for download but the contents (such as new products) will not be updated.
  • ・When the product(s) you need is not in the attached parameter list, contact us on our website.
  • ・Refer to IFA website for how to use the SISTEMA software.