Image Features Rated voltage Degree of Protection
LF1D/LF2D LED Illumination Units LF1D/LF2D LED Illumination Units Water, dust, oil-proof LED illumination units in slim and compact housings. A variety of sizes and light distribution angles for various sizes and types of machine. 24V DC IP67f
LF2B LED Illumination Units LF2B LED Illumination Units Universal input (100 to 240V AC) and 12/24V DC input models are available. Compact and slim design suitable for installing in various applications and also in narrow spaces. IP65 (waterproof, dustproof). IP65
LF1B-N LED Illumination Units LF1B-N LED Illumination Units Thin and slim styles fit into compact spaces. IP65 (waterproof, dustproof). 6 different lengths and 6 distinct colors. 24V DC IP65
EF1A Flameproof LED EF1A Flameproof LED Harzardous location lighting for use in areas where explosive gases and combustible dusts exist.