Image Features Degree of Protection
FC6A Plus Programmable Controllers FC6A Plus Programmable Controllers Ever-evolving PLC. MICROSmart FC6A Plus IP20
FC6A Programmable Logic Contollers FC6A Programmable Logic Contollers IDEC MicroSmart FC6A, the PLC best suited to the new era of IoT. IP20
SmartAxis Series FT1A Controllers SmartAxis Series FT1A Controllers Powerful PLC with embedded I/O. Touch, Pro, and Lite models for flexible use in almost all applications. IP20
FC5A/FC4A MicroSmart Micro Programmable Controllers FC5A/FC4A MicroSmart Micro Programmable Controllers High-performance quality programmable logic controller with world-class processing speed. Compact body packed with outstanding features. New slim type CPU module available with web server function, ideal for remote control. (FC5A-D12*1E) IP20
FL1F IDEC SmartRelay FL1F IDEC SmartRelay Enhances both high performance and easy control.