Pilot Lights / Buzzers

Pilot Lights / Buzzers

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HW1Z Illuminated Buzzers

22mm illluminated buzzers with functions of pilot light and buzzer integrated into one. Complies with the new EU elevator safety standard. IP65 waterproof.


  • Complies with the new EU elevator safety standard
Complies with the new EU elevator safety standard

EN81-1/2, the safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts (electric and hydraulic) were revised to EN81-20/50 in July 2014 (effective in September 2017).
As GB and JIS standards will follow suit, the requirements in the new rules must be taken into consideration when designing elevators.

EN81-20( g)
An audible signal at the car and a  ashing light under the car shall be activated during movement.
The sound level of the audible warning shall be minimum 55 dB(A) below the car at 1 m distance.

    • Can be used in semi-outdoor applications

    With waterproof and dustproof construction, HW1Z can be used in semi-outdoor applications such as elevators exposed to rain and dust.

    • Meets waterproof requirements

    HW1Z’s IPX3 waterproof characteristics can be used in emergency situations exposed to water.

  • Easy wiring and tight installation places

  • Wiring is accomplished with push-in terminals. No tightening of screw is required.

  • Short, 19.7 mm depth behind panel. Can be installed in tight places.

  • Lamp and buzzer functions are integrated.
  • Waterproof construction

  • Panel front: IP65 waterproof

  • Installing an optional terminal rubber boot upgrades the terminal’s waterproof characteristics to IP54 without the need to use a rear enclosure.