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Safety Products

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SE2L Safety Laser Scanner

A safety laser scanner to protect a wide area (270° and 5m)

  • Area Protection
    Ensures safety of humans in a hazardous area, or those approaching the machine.

Distance 5m, sensing angle 270°

One SE2L protects a wide area (270° and 5m) and can be used in a variety of applications such as large systems or long conveyor lines.

  • Ensures productivity and safety

    The SE2L is a safety sensor that can detect approach. Stop area can be made smaller by detecting approach at the addtional protection zone to start slowdown. (Conventional configuration of one protection zone + two warning zones is possible).

  • Master slave function, first in its industry

    A maximum of four SE2Ls can be interconnected using RS-485 for master/slave operation.

  • Access Prevention
    Allows only objects to pass through. Detects the access of humans.
  • Dual protection function

    An SE2L can monitor two separate hazardous areas to stop machines when detecting the access of humans. No reflective sensor is necessary, thus eliminating the need of optical axis alignment. Can replace two light curtains.

  • Ensures saety at positional change

    Reference monitoring function ensures safety by detecting the positional change of SE2L or reference boundary, such as a door's opening/closing status.

  • Ensures safety at entrance of works. Override function enables restart from unintended stop.
  • Collision Avoidance
    Protects humans from colliding. Also prevents loads from falling.
  • A maximum of 32 area patterns

    A maximum of 32 area patterns can be configured/switched according to the mobile application such as AGV, ensuring the optimum protection in various applications.

  • Utilize distance measurement data

    During safety protection, the SE2L can send out distance measurement data through the Ethernet port, in order to obtain the data of the obstacles.

  • Monitors external output equipment
  • Encoder inputs
  • Excellent Usability
    Easy-to-use configuration and useful functions for simple and comfortable maintenance.
  • Supports area configuration

    Teaching function enables automatic area configuration by referring to obstacles such as walls and columns. Area can be configured easily even with complicated background.

  • Check detection status with video

    Area data and distance measurement data can be recorded while monitoring on PC. Video of detection status can be replayed with the file.