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HR5S Safety Relay Module

Safety measures for low risk machines - Category 2 safety relay module


  • Non-redundant safety system

Introducing a safety system for low risk machines

Designing a category 2 system has been difficult and only a redundant system (category 3) could be used to protect machines against relatively minor hazards.
However, with the HR5S safety relay module, designing a category 2 system is easy and enables cost reduction and saves maintenance time.

Category 3 and category 2 comparison

  • Performance level

Degree of contribution to risk reduction in a safety system is categorized by performance levels.
In category 2 architecture, PL=c or PL=d control system can be acheived.
Risk assessment must be performed to check the perfomance level (PLr) required for the equipment. PLr=C exists especially in food and packaging machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other production equipment and locations.

S Severity of the injury
S1 Minor injury (resulting in a full recovery)
S2 Serious injury (resulting in a permanent disability)

F Frequency and duration of exposure to the hazard
F1F1 Seldom to quite often, and/or short exposure time (15min. per sec maximum and 1/20 maximum of that operating time of the machine)
F2F2 Frequent to continous and/or long exposure time

P Possibility of avoiding the hazard (depending on the occurence speed of danger, ability to escape, and training)
P1 Possible under specic conditions
P2 Scarcely possible

*1)*1) The performance level is mapped according to the sales achievement of IDEC safety products, results of risk assessment, and request for international standards. The required performance level for machines should be determined by risk assesment of individual machines.

  • Performance of Category 2 system

  • Selection process flow chart & line up