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HR6S Safety Relay Module

Improve productivity with predictive maintenance of safety systems


Predictive maintenance

Not only diagnostic results, but detailed information regarding safety-related parts such as input/output status can be acquired to prevent unintended stops.

Connect to various input devices

Dials are used to select input devices and start functions to enable safety measures for a wide variety of machines and allows standardization of the relay module.

Setting a start function
Select from 8 types of start functions without changing the wiring. Automatic and manual operation can be selected as well as "startup test", which requires monitoring, cross-circuit detection, and pre-start inspection.
Setting an application function
Set up to 7 types of input devices, such as emergency stop switches, interlock switches, light curtains, RFID devices, magnet switches, proximity switches, two-hand control switches, and pressure-sensitive switches.

Output expansion

Outputs can be expanded (excluding HR6S-AB). No wiring is required, because expansions are connected via the connector on the side of the unit.


A sealing strip to secure the protective cover is included, preventing the dials from inadvertent adjustment or settings from being changed.

LED display for viewing status at a glance

The LED indicators display approximately 20 different states by steady or flash light, or by combining.
When an error occurs, its location is indicated, allowing maintenance to be performed immediately.

Delay function

By using the dials to set a combination of a coefficient from 0 to 0.9 and a magnification from 1x to 1000x, time limit can be set in the range of 0 to 900 seconds. Also, the external input can be used to cancel the off-delay and immediately cut off the output. Expanded (*1) output can be set to either instantaneous or delay. The delay output used to unlock the solenoid is compatible with category 1 and PLc.

*1: Expansion output is set to instantaneous for 1 to 4, and to delay output for 5 to 8.

Screw or Push-in terminal block

Choose from two types: a conventional screw terminal block or a highly-reliable push-in terminal block that saves wiring time. Both are removable and easy to maintain.