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Safety Products

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HT3P Safety Commander

Enable industrial tablets to provide operation safety


  • Improves safety and operability

Tablets are more often used as control terminals at manufacturing sites. From the standpoint of ISO/IEC safety standards, when tablets or other operation devices are used near sources of danger from machinery, the tablets need to be equipped with safety devices, such as an enabling switch and an emergency stop switch for immediately shutting down the machinery.

With Safety Commander, a tablet can be readily equipped with a safety device

With Safety Commander, tablets now come with safety. Operability is also improved by the ergonomic design. Furthermore, lower equipment cost and higher work efficiency can be achieved.

  • Adapts to both vertical and horizontal use

With Safety Commander, a tablet can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientation, thanks to a rotating holder. The emergency stop switch, which must be accessed instantly, can also be positioned for ease of use.

  • Operability regardless of handedness

The ergonomic holder design and enabling switch position result in ease of holding and operability.

  • Fit tablets of various sizes

The adjustable docking structure fits screen sizes of 8 to 11 inches. Safety Commander can also be attached to rugged tablets with thicknesses of 10 to 24mm (*1) by using a spacer accessory.

*1)Standard thickness: up to 10mm
When accessory "tablet thickness adjustment kit A" is used: up to 18mm
When accessory "tablet thickness adjustment kit B" is used: up to 24mm

  • Emergency stop switch with LED indicator, three-position enabling switch, & key locking function

Emergency stop switch with LED indicator
Equipped with a safety lock mechanism, safe break action structure, and direct opening action. The LED indicator shows the enabled status of the emergency stop switch.

Three-position enabling switch
Safety during work operations is assured by the ergonomically designed three-position action (OFF➞ ON➞OFF) for avoiding danger.

Key locking function
Locks down the telescope brackets.

  • Rugged construction with drop resistance of 1.2 meters

Designed for assurance, the product has passed drop tests assuming accidental drop or impact while carrying. (*1)

*1) Drop resistance has been tested for tablet weights up to 1.1 kilogram. Note: Drop protection of the product or tablet is not guaranteed.

  • IP54 protection

Usable even in dusty environments or when exposed to splashing or spraying.

  • USB charging port

For charging the tablet, with no worries about losing battery power during use.
* 5V DC-1.5A output

  • Application examples