FL1F IDEC SmartRelay

Enhances both high performance and easy control.

  • Equipped with Both Convenience and High Functionality
  • Use the versatile FL1F to simplify wiring, adjustments, and settings of systems.
  • Reduce relays, timers, and counters

    Change your complicated system of multiple relays, timers, and counters to a single IDEC SmartRelay

  • Smaller system than using a PLC


    The IDEC SmartRelay replaces many functions of peripheral equipment of the programmable logic controller. Features 10A max. output contacts and up to 192 display characters.

  • Reduce your workload


    42 different types of function blocks make it possible to perform various control operations easily.

  • IDEC SmartRelay is More Convenient than Ever Before!
  • Reports the Status by 3-color Backlight


    Errors and alarms can be displayed with a choice of white, amber, and red backlighting, according to the status level.

  • Reports by Messages


    Using a scroll button, a maximum of 192 one-byte characters (6-lines, 16 characters) in the Base Module, and a maximum of 240 one-byte characters (6-lines, 2- characters) in the Text Display, can be displayed.

  • Settings can be Modified On-site


  • Using the LCD display and control buttons, parameters can be changed and programs can be added on-site.

  • Batch Control through the Display


    Settings of the base module of multiple units can be controlled and updated on a Text Display. Under the administrator mode, user programs can be easily modied.

  • Expandability for Easy Design Changes


    I/O for a maximum of 60 points, 12 units can be expanded (maximum congurations are DI24 / DO20 / AI8 / AO8), enabling design changes easy to handle.

  • Store Programs and Data


  • Using commercially-available micro SD memory cards, user programs and logging data can be easily stored.

  • Reduces Development Time (1)


    WindLGC, application software for IDEC SmartRelay, is capable of developing 3 programs at the same time.

  • FL1F Communication


    Data communication systems between IDEC
    SmartRelays can be easily established without any communication programs. 1:n communication with a maximum of 16 connections is available.

  • Capable of Handling Various Scenarios


  • 5 function blocks are newly added, offering ever more convenient ways to utilize the product.

  • Reduces Development Time (2)


    Equipped with the user-dened function blocks,set control patterns can be made into blocks for repetitive uses.

  • Reduces Maintenance Time


    Uploading and downloading of programs can be remotely controlled through Ethernet.

  • Remote Monitoring


  • The on-site status can be remotely monitored through PCs, smart phones and tablets.

  • Remote Monitoring App

  •  I/O status monitoring

    The statuses of inputs, outputs, ags, and cursor key of the FL1F system (except remote I/O), including the expansion I/O module, can be displayed. The function key status of FL1F text display (TD) can also be displayed.

  •  Graphical display of parameters

    Several of the congured values in "IO status" and "Variables" can be selected in a table and be graphically displayed in a trendview. A further conguration of the trendview is not necessary.

  • Status Confirmation

    The operating status (run/stop) of the FL1F at the site can be confirmed.

  • Conrm/change parameter values

    Congured values/current values in the user program, such as parameters in various function blocks and nework I/O, can be represented in a table and modied.

  •  Calendar setting

    The FL1F date and time can be set, changed, or adjusted to the current date/ time of the connected smart device.

  •  Detailed software manual

    Download the application software manual FL9Y-B1898 and learn how to use and set up the FL1F remote monitoring app. Download the manual for free from our website.

  •  The FL1F remote monitoring app can be downloaded for free from App Store or Goole Play.

       Search "FL1F" and download.

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