Operator Interfaces

Operator Interfaces

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HG5G-V Operator Interface

Lightweight with slim bezel. Large size ideal for handling huge amount of information for the IoT era.

  • Confirm status of the system from an remote area

The screen can be remotely monitored and operated from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
No special software required. Accessible using an internet browser.

  • Get notified via email

The data in the operator interface can be sent by CSV format or by screen shot. Email settings can be configured to meet the requirements of each customer.

  • Easy maintenance

FTP server function enables transfer of project data and helps utilize data log easily. Easy maintenace from remote locations.

    • Wide Temperature range: -20 to +60°C

    Suitable for use in a wide temperature range from cold to hot. (-20 to +55°C for HG1G)

    • Protection against UV rays

    Strong plastic material used for protecting the screen. By using the optional protective sheet, UV protection is enhanced, and prevents degrading of the LCD (*2). *2) UV protective material is used but operation is not guaranteed outdoors or under direct sunlight.

    • Waterproof / Oil resistant (IP66F / IP67F / UL Type 4X, 12, and 13)

    Touchscreens can be used on machines washed down by water such as food machines. Also suitable for use on food machines subject to oil spills. (HG2G-5T: IP66F protection only) *Operation not guaranteed when used with certain types of oils.

    • Marine standards

    LR, DNV, GL, ABS, NK marine standards approved (pending). (*3) *3) Except HG2G-5T, HG1G

    • Long-life, high-performance LED backlight reduces maintenance time

    48-level dimming control (*1) reduces cost and allows for a wide range of uses. (HG5G-V: Brightness 650cd/m2, backlight life: 100,000 hours) *1) 32-level for HG2G-T and HG1G.

    • Rugged construction

    Hard coating prevents damage to the screen.

    • 3-seconds startup

    Stress-free quick startup

    • USB autorun

    Autorun menu on the USB memory enables easy transfer of data and settings.

    • Selectable memory

    Data can be saved or transferred by using an SD card (32GB max.) and USB memory. By saving user data on an SD card or USB memory, back up of data is possible and the user memory can be reduced.

    • Multiprotocol

    Multiple machines using PLCs made by different manufacturers can be controlled, configured, and monitored by one operator interface. Supports BACnet (*1) and Modbus TCP/RTU protocol. *1) Except HG2G-5T, HG1T