Operator Interfaces

Operator Interfaces

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HG1G Operator Interface

The super-bright, compact 4.3-inch HG1G has most of the features and functionalities of a large screen, including remote monitoring and control via PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • FTP Server Function

Data in the HG1G uploaded using the FTP server function can be shared by people who need access to the data.
FTP server function enables transfer of project data. Data log can also be read from the HG1G.

  • On-time status monitoring with mobile terminals

No special application necessary—easy connection
Because universal web browsers can be used, no special application is necessary.

  • Display and control in one

Ideal to replace membrane switches or 7-segment displays.

  • Multiprotocol

Suitable for use in environments with wide temperature range, and also powerful water jets or temporary submersion in water.

  • Withstands harsh environments

Multiple machines using PLCs made by different manufacturers can be controlled, configured, and monitored by one HG1G.