Operator Interfaces

Operator Interfaces

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HG3G Operator Interface (8.4 inch)[Discontinued product]

Excellent visibility by super-bright LED backlight. 600 cd/m2 (8.4-inch) (To be discontinued November 20, 2019)


  • 48-level brightness adjustment. LED backlight dimming control

A bright LED backlight provides a vivid display in well-lit surroundings.
The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted.
Long 60,000-hour service life.

  • More than 7,000 graphic images

1,000 graphic images have been added. Realistic images of switches, pilot lights, and other parts allow you to easily create your own custom screens.

  • Remote data maintenance

Project data can be downloaded and uploaded remotely via Ethernet. One HG can communicate with two or more PLCs, enabling integration of a network (PC) and a control network (PLC) systems.

  • Display and I/O control in one package

A maximum of four MicroSmart expansion modules can be connected, allowing equipment control using a small number of I/O points. (Input, output, I/O modules can be used.)
*For compatible expansion modules, see catalogue.

  • Cyclic I/O control
  • Sound file (30 sec max.)

Audio error messages can be sent to an operator, providing faster system recovery. Audio ouput can also be used as a voice guidance system.

  • Fast start-up

High-speed 400 MHz CPU and unique software technology shorten startup time. Fast start-up allows for easy debugging.

  • Fast USB2.0 communication

Project data can be downloaded and uploaded easily using a USB flash drive.

  • Convenient SD card slot

Data can be saved or transferred by using an SD card (32 GB max.)
By saving user data on an SD card, user memory can be reduced.

  • USB flash drive enables easy data transfer.

Inserting a USB flash drive into the HG will automatically bring up the USB transfer menu. Operator can work on errors without the use of a PC.

  • Easy data maintenance, without opening the control cabinet.

Using a USB panel-mount cable, data can be transferred without opening the panel. The pass-through function enables debugging of ladder programs in the PLC, connected to the HG, inside the cabinet.
*See “Compatible PLCs” on the back page.

  • USB printer compatible

HG screen information and alarm history can be printed out from Pict Bridge compatible printers.

  • Replays video images and audio from an SD card.

MPEG4 video files can be played back on the screen. Work procedures can be shown on the screen, and when trouble occurs, it can be used as a video manual for troubleshooting on-site.

  • Records video images of an error

When an alarm is set off, video images before and after the start of the alarm can be recorded on an SD card. This enables on-site analysis of the trouble. Smooth and refined images can be recorded.