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Community Contribution Activities


Community Cleaning Activities


Participation in "Zero Waste Campaign" of Fukusaki Town Industrial Park


Employees in Fukusaki plant have participated in ”Zero Waste Campaign” held by the council of Fukusaki town industrial park every year in May 30 for the contribution to the local community and the environmental beautification. In cooperation with dozens of other participating companies, we clean up the ditches and roadside zones around our facilities. People in the Fukusaki Town office also cooperate in collecting waste.

Activities by IDEC Factory Solutions

As community contribution activities, our group company, IDEC Factory Solutions has participated in twice-yearly cleaning around its head office in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture since around 2010. We continue to engage in such community beautification activities with the objectives of promoting communication between head office employees and local residents and raising awareness of employees regarding local environmental contributions and beautification.

Receiving of Company Visits

As part of our activities for contributing to the local community, the IDEC Group welcomes visits by students conducting integrated study activities. As well as introducing the company, we show students around so that they can observe employees at work and see conditions inside the company. We also conduct periodic internships for university students so that they can gain a direct appreciation of how the IDEC Group impacts society.