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Environmental Management


Environmental Risk Management

We have laid out a monitoring system to prevent environmental risks from becoming a reality.

We consider environmental destruction risks to be the most significant target of crisis management for the company, and are engaged in efforts to prevent all kinds of management risks, including the environment, from occurring.
In environmental management, an environmental management supervisor acquires the latest information regarding established or revised environmental laws and regulations, and updates our list of environmental rules.
We manage the daily environmental risks based on this list of environmental rules. An environmental audit supervisor audits the compliance status during an internal audit, and our Environmental Management Operational Organization confirms the compliance status. This is how we ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Management System

We operate our management system in accordance with ISO14001:2015.


Since acquiring certification for the environmental management international standard ISO14001 in September of 1997, IDEC has been engaged in efforts to contribute to the protection and conservation of the global environment. In July of 2007, marking the 60th anniversary of our founding, we revised our current Environment Principle. We announced our policy to aim for "sustainable development", which meets the needs of the current generation without harming the needs of future generations, and the development based on the assumption of respecting the limited global environment and the human rights, and this has led us to today.

Also, following the revision of ISO14001 in 2015, we not only revised our management system in accordance with the intention of the standard revision, but also started a management system in April of 2017 that integrated our management systems, which had been separated onto 4 sites, and comprehensively handles our entire business even including sales locations.


We remade our entire work process into a system which produces results and allows us to contribute to environmental protection by developing environmentally-friendly products and spreading these products as a manufacturer. We will continue efforts to implement a management cycle (PDCA) to increase the effect.

Environmental Management Organization

Our environmental executive officer is in charge of the environmental management system.


Environmental aspects and environmental targets are approved by the environmental executive officer. Furthermore, in order to objectively and fairly perform internal audits of our management system, we appoint an environmental audit supervisor. Also, environmental auditors who have attended the training for internal auditors held by a certification agency perform the internal audit.


Energy / Resources / Waste

You can view the amounts of energy and resources used, and amounts of waste emitted at our major locations for the past 5 years below.

Solar Power Generation Project

You can view our plan and results for power generated and sold below.

Management of Chemical Substances Contained
in Products

Management of chemical substances contained in products from both the perspectives of the management of quality and environment

Legal restrictions on chemical substances on the global market, such as the European REACH regulations and the RoHS2 directive, are being strengthened. For the parts and materials that comprise the final products we supply, our company requires the procurement of substances with little environmental burden throughout the product life cycle from our supply chain.
At IDEC, we operate an environmentally-friendly product development process and procurement process from both the perspectives of a quality management system and an environmental management system, engaging in management of chemical substances contained in products to ensure strict compliance with related legal restrictions.