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Risk Management


Risk Management System


IDEC has formulated and implemented Risk Management Rules with the objective of avoiding risks and minimizing damage in the event one were to materialize. The Risk Management Committee, chaired by the President, has been established to manage operations at IDEC and Group companies, as well as to take action when risks emerge. Particularly concerning initiatives in readiness for the occurrence of disasters and the like, we have set up the establishment of the internal control system as a principle for securing and confirming safety of lives, continuing important operations, and realizing prompt restoration when such operations are interrupted.

Fraud Prevention


We have established the Corporate Ethics Counseling and Whistleblowing Window (IDEC Hotline) for receiving inquiries and notifications from employees concerning their own behavior, the behavior of others, workplace conditions and other questions they may have concerning corporate ethics. Through this, we strive to prevent problems from arising in advance or at an early stage. Moreover, our Whistleblowing Application Regulations clearly specify that whistleblowers and persons coming forward with information must not be punished. Through offering protection in this way, we aim to widen opportunities for the discovery of risks.