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Responsibility to Human rights and Our Employees


HRM Policy

The IDEC Group practices "management with respect for humanity," which at its foundation "values people" and "nurtures people." We have established the HRM Policy, which indicates our basic concept concerning not only respect for human rights but also ability development, human resources development, personnel evaluation and treatment, support for fostering the next generation and so on. Moreover, in the Codes of Conduct, we stipulate our concept concerning respect for human rights and outline the Group's policies on this issue.

Health Initiatives

In the IDEC Group, based on the awareness that the "physical and mental health" of employees and their families is the foundation for all things, we have established the IDEC Group Health Declaration and are promoting health initiatives based on this.

Human Resources Development

Based on the concept of "Monozukuri (product manufacturing) = Hitozukuri (human resource development)," IDEC actively supports employees' skill development and creates an environment for human resource development. The common theme of all education is to foster a mindset and change behavior in line with "The IDEC Way." We have established an education system divided into "training by job level," "training by job function," "training for selected next-generation executives," "career plan training," "language training," and "self-development support. We are working to develop human resources who can play an active role at all levels and in all fields.

Decent Work

The IDEC Group actively promotes Decent Work, creating a comfortable work environment where diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of gender, nationality, etc., and preventing overwork.


Based on the concept of "management with respect for humanity", the IDEC Group strives to establish a working environment that respects diversity of nationalities, genders, cultures and lifestyles so that each and every employee having unique individuality and values can fully display their skills.

Initiatives in Overseas Group Companies

The IDEC Group has companies in 16 overseas countries. Each group company conducts various activities for creating workplace environments that are suited to the diverse cultures and customs of each country.

Internal Communication

The IDEC Group offers good welfare benefits and actively implements communication measures with a view to promoting ties and communication between employees based on a sense of unity.

CSR Month

We designated October as “CSR Month”, during which we conducted a range of CSR activities to deepen employees’ understanding of the IDEC Group’s fundamental idea that “CSR is a challenge for each and every employee”, and to encourage them to take real action. During this month, we conducted various CSR activities, enabling employees to get a better sense of CSR.
[CSR Month activities conducted]
- Held the CSR committee meeting
- Held the CSR Innovation Seminar
- Held the SDGs Photo Contest
- Collection of My CSR Way Declarations from employees
- Local cleanup activities
- Provided special TABLE FOR TWO menus at our head office cafeteria
- Sold fairtrade chocolate
- Campaign to encourage employees to bring their own bottles and cups for reducing the use of plastic bottles
- Campaign to encourage employees to use their own bags for reducing the use of plastic bags
- Participation in an employment support program by French government

Harassment Prevention

IDEC has established the Harassment Prevention Regulations, and has set forth matters that employees must comply with and necessary measures for dealing with workplace harassment prevention and suspicious matters. Some employees have been assigned as harassment counselors to receive consultations and complaints regarding harassment in major offices. In addition, we hold trainings for managers to raise awareness of harassment prevention.