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CSR Data



* Figures are non-consolidated basis. Base units are calculated according to non-consolidated sales amount in each business year.
* Environmental accounting information was added and the graphs of CO2 emissions quantity and basic unit were updated in September 2019.

Environmental Accounting

In order to promote the initiative on environmental conservation efficiently and effectively, we measure the costs and effects of overall environmental activities as quantitatively as possible, and strive to continuously improve environmental performance.

Environmental Conservation Cost (Unit: million yen)

Environmental Conservation Effects

*▲ indicates that it has increased compared to the previous year.
*Water resources input includes water supply, groundwater and industrial water.

Calculation method

Environmental conservation costs and effects are calculated in accordance with the Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 version). An in-house “Environmental Accounting Procedure Manual” was created based on the guidelines. The effects of environmental conservation measures are calculated by comparing the adjusted sales to the previous fiscal year based on the procedure manual.

Electric Power

Public water supply



General Wastes

Industrial Wastes



Human Resources

Managerial Personnel

Re-employment ratio

Employment of Disabled Persons

Retention rate of newly graduated recruits

Recruitment Record

Life-Work Balance

*The way of counting the number of employees taking child care leave, the ratio of workers returning to work after childcare leave has been reviewed. and then the data in the past has been revised. 



Board of Directors

Stock Information

Click here for stock information such as total number of shares, number of shareholders, and rating information.


Frequency of labor accidents

Number of qualified Safety Assessors

Qualified persons 565
(as of April 2021)

Number of qualified Robot Safety Assessors

Qualified persons 122 
(as of April 2021)

Number of persons attending safety seminars

Aggregate number of attendees 42,328 
(as of FY2021)


Quality Education

Number of persons attending seven quality control training courses in FY2020 151

(Employees and junior employees registered in IDEC and subsidiaries)

Quality control examination (QC examination)

Number of persons holding quality control examination (QC examination) grades 674

(Employees and junior employees registered in IDEC and subsidiaries as of April 2021)